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Meditation Music

Music for deep relaxation and meditation to help you reduce stress, raise your vibration and connect to your innate capacity for health and wellness.

Benefits of Overtone Singing in Ilka's Music and Guided Meditation

Allow you to enter into deep meditative states of alpha and theta, activating the body’s autonomic nervous system and innate healing capacity.

Can be an effective relief from emotional stress and anxiety and help you access a profound sense of relaxation and calm.

Can bring the body’s energy centers into balance and coherence through the effect of the harmonic ratios produced by the amplified overtones - for more health, vitality and wholeness.

Can help you raise your vibration, experience more love and gratitude, and connect you to your inner power, creativity and joy.

What is Overtone Singing (also known as Vocal Harmonics or Throat Singing)?

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The ancient technique of overtone singing allows the simultaneous production of two or more notes by the same person. It makes audible the natural spectrum of the voice so that magical bell-like or flute-like sounds are heard above a single note or fundamental, creating a unique other-worldly sound. The overtone scale underlies the natural order of the universe.

Overtone singing has its origins in Central Asia—Mongolia, Tuva and Tibet as well as in South Africa. This style of singing/chanting has been practiced for centuries in folk traditions and shamanic healing practices.

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Ilka De Gast
Meet Ilka de Gast, PsyD

Ilka de Gast, originally from the Netherlands, now living in CA, is a psychologist, Qigong and meditation instructor, sound healer, researcher, and recording artist. While Ilka has explored many meaningful career paths, her true passion for the past 25 years has been to work with and teach sacred sound healing modalities from around the world, including the ancient art of overtone singing. Ilka's meditation music is featured in Dr Joe Dispenza's advanced retreats in the US and internationally.