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Music for deep relaxation, meditation and healing

These songs and guided meditation feature ancient, mystical sounds of overtone singing, soulful female vocals, musical instruments and sacred sounds from around the world, inviting you into meditative states of inner harmony and joy.

Ilka De Gast
Meet Ilka de Gast, PsyD

Ilka de Gast, originally from the Netherlands, now living in CA, is a psychologist, Qigong and meditation instructor, sound healer, researcher, and recording artist. While Ilka has explored many meaningful career paths, her true passion for the past 25 years has been to work with and teach sacred sound healing modalities from around the world, including the ancient art of overtone singing. Ilka's meditation music is featured in Dr Joe Dispenza's advanced retreats in the US and internationally.

Meditation Music

Music for deep relaxation and meditation to help you reduce stress, raise your vibration and connect to your innate capacity for health and wellness.

Guided Meditation - Heart Balance with Overtones

Guided Meditation - Heart Balance with Overtones

(Guided Meditation)

$15.00 USD

Sound Meditation Download

This 9-minute guided meditation uses overtone singing/vocal harmonics to bring the heart and mind into energetic alignment and balance. Overtones are the most ordered form of sound and can enhance the harmony between body, mind and spirit resulting in an experience of more wholeness, a sense of oneness and joy.

Sound Engineer: Hank Kalleen

Run Time: 9 minutes

Genre: World Music and New Age


Guided Meditations

Meditations to help guide you to states of inner harmony, balance and transformation. Each specially themed meditation is set to a different piece of music created and narrated by Ilka.

Guided Meditation - Heart Balance with Overtones

Guided Meditation - Heart Balance with Overtones

(Sound Meditation Download)

Sound Engineer: Hank Kalleen

Run Time: 9 minutes

Genre: World Music and New Age

SAMPLE: Guided Meditation - Heart Balance with Overtones

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Abalone Skies
Sophia’s Song

Sophia’s Song

by Ilka de Gast, PsyD

(Music Download)

Sound Engineer: Tommy Graven

Run Time: 20 minutes

Genre: World Music and New Age

SAMPLE: Sophia’s Song

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Benefits of Overtone Singing in Ilka's Music and Guided Meditation

Allow you to enter into deep meditative states of alpha and theta, activating the body’s autonomic nervous system and innate healing capacity.

Can be an effective relief from emotional stress and anxiety and help you access a profound sense of relaxation and calm.

Can bring the body’s energy centers into balance and coherence through the effect of the harmonic ratios produced by the amplified overtones - for more health, vitality and wholeness.

Can help you raise your vibration, experience more love and gratitude, and connect you to your inner power, creativity and joy.

What is Overtone Singing (also known as Vocal Harmonics or Throat Singing)?

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The ancient technique of overtone singing allows the simultaneous production of two or more notes by the same person. It makes audible the natural spectrum of the voice so that magical bell-like or flute-like sounds are heard above a single note or fundamental, creating a unique other-worldly sound. The overtone scale underlies the natural order of the universe.

Overtone singing has its origins in Central Asia—Mongolia, Tuva and Tibet as well as in South Africa. This style of singing/chanting has been practiced for centuries in folk traditions and shamanic healing practices.

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Upcoming Course

Learn Overtone Singing for Transformation and Healing

Course Price: $195.00 USD

(Price increase in April)

This four-module online course is for anyone who wants to learn to overtone sing for meditation, healing, or simply the joy of it. Exercises and techniques taught in the course will help you to create these unique sounds and to unlock their transformational qualities. Overtone singing is surprisingly easy (and fun) to learn. The course includes the science and background of this ancient practice.

Why Learn Overtone Singing?

It can help you:

  • Access your body’s own innate healing capacity.

  • Slow down brain wave frequencies to alpha and theta for a deeper meditation experience.

  • Release energy blockages and balance energy centers for improved health.

  • Raise your vibration and live a more full and vibrant life.

  • Work with these powerful sounds to help others access their healing capacity.

Benefits of the Course:

  • No prior experience or musical ability necessary.

  • Overtone singing is surprisingly easy (and fun) to learn.

  • Increases lung capacity.

  • Enhances regular singing voice.

  • Self-paced, online in the comfort of your own home.

  • Includes videos and materials for you to keep.

  • Optional group zoom overtone coaching call – $80.00

Learn More About the Course


Learn Overtone Singing for Transformation and Healing

Four-Module Online Course - 2024.

Start any time and complete at your own pace.

Register by April 10, 2024 for the Presale Offer.

$195.00 USD - course price

Presale offer: free group overtone coaching call with Ilka de Gast, PsyD on zoom, regularly priced @ $80.00 USD in addition to the course price.

In the one-hour group overtone coaching call you will:

    1.  Receive extra tips, practical techniques and valuable guidance to enhance your overtone singing.

    2.  Get answers (in real time) to questions you may have after completing the online course.

    3.  Practice working with overtone singing to access your own healing capacity and help others' access their's.

    4.  Start to build supportive connections and develop an overtone healing community.

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